EnrichmentMap Cytoscape App 2.2

The Enrichment Map Cytoscape Plugin allows you to visualize the results of gene-set enrichment as a network. It will operate on any generic enrichment results as well as specifically on Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) results. Nodes represent gene-sets and edges represent mutual overlap; in this way, highly redundant gene-sets are grouped together as clusters, dramatically improving the capability to navigate and interpret enrichment results.

Gene-set enrichment is a data analysis technique taking as input:

  1. A (ranked) gene list, from a genomic experiment
  2. gene-sets, grouping genes on the basis of a-priori knowledge (e.g. Gene Ontology) or experimental data (e.g. co-expression modules)

and generating as output the list of enriched gene-sets, i.e. best sets that summarizing the gene-list. It is common to refer to gene-set enrichment as functional enrichment because functional categories (e.g. Gene Ontology) are commonly used as gene-sets.


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Papers Citing Enrichment Map

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Report a Bug or a Problem

  • please make sure you don’t have formatting issues

    if you are still not sure how to handle formats, or you don’t know what’s the best suitable analysis for you, please send an email to: daniele[AT]merico[DOT]gmail.com

  • please check what’s your

    • plugin version and build (from the Cytoscape menu / Plugins / Enrichment Map / About)
    • Cytoscape version (from the Cytoscape menu / Cytoscape)
    • Operating System (e.g. Windows Vista)

and send your bug report to ruth[DOT]isserlin[AT]utoronto.ca


report the bug to the Enrichment map issue tracker:

  • go to https://github.com/BaderLab/EnrichmentMapApp
  • click on “Issues”
  • click on “New Issue”
  • write a short description of the issue
  • attached session file (.cys) file or example input files if applicable
  • Make sure to enter plugin version and build, cytoscape version and operating system.
  • click on “Submit new issue”

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